Mood Bath Anyone?

Everyone has one...

                           YOU know.......

.....a really ROUGH day that absolutely DESTROYS your mood.

According to Amy Galper, certified aromatherapist and executive director of the NY Institute of Aromatherapy,

                   The solution,
                                  is in the water.

Recharge your mood by adding these essential oils to your bath!

*Atlas cedarwood - "What's this 'Libido' everyone's been talking about...and where do I find some?" Aromatherapists say a few sniffs of Atlas cedarwood centers and calms, so you'll feel less out of touch with your body.

*Frankincense - Feeling a bit ... WIRED? Thinking, "Phew! What a day! I'm exhausted!" But can't seem to get your mind to agree that you need the Zzz's? Hop off the mental hamster wheel with this "Meditation in a Bottle." This tree resin has been used to balance the breath for centuries!

*Marjoram - "Was that a gym session or did I just go through boot camp?!" Tell sore muscles to back off! This herb has antispasmodic properties that help make those overworked gym muscles relax.

*Peppermint - Asking for a single, but wondering if you should have made it a double? Time to skip the coffee! Studies suggest you can drop-kick mental fatigue with a leaf of Peppermint. Hi-YAH!

*Rose Geranium - Hormones going a little crazy? Rose Geranium is the go-to anti-inflammatory aroma Rx for those off-kilter hormones behind breakouts, headaches, and hot flashes.

So, next time you have a "...Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," grab a bottle!

But not the one you usually reach for... ^. ~