Mamava-ing On Up! Say Goodbye To Problems At The Pump!


They've narrowed down the nominations and Seventh Generation will donate a Mamava pod to the two locations with the most votes by September 2!
So, be sure to get your votes in by Midnight EST on 9/1!!!!
And remember! 
You can also keep adding more locations on the map for Mamava to consider in the future!!!!!!
Place your vote HERE !


Have you ever had to use your breast pump in a public restroom or struggle to find a comfortable place to feed your baby without having to deal with the thousand dirty looks, the hundred awkward stares, the crude remarks, the giggles, the looks of utter disgust .....?


Do I even have to say any more??
You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Public spaces can be challenging when feeding babies or having to pump on-the-go....

But it doesn't HAVE to be....
YOU can help by making Mamava pod installations in every state an eventual reality!


Mamava pods are private pods for moms who want to nurse, pump & feed in a quiet space. A comfortable place, specially designed just for moms to feed their baby while on the go! You can learn about the Mamava pods recently installed in NY area airports here!

Sounds great, right??
"DEFINITELY! So, where do I begin? How can I get a Mamava pod near me!?"
Start by helping Seventh Generation and Mamava decide WHERE they should bring nursing & pumping pods to next by telling them where you would put a Mamava nursing & pumping pod! 
(You DON'T have to be a new mom yourself to do this. It's about helping others too!)

1.) After you've read up on Mamava pods, visit the Mamava locator here.

2.) Next, locate your ideal location for a pod on the map. 

3.) Now, create a login and list WHERE and WHY you want your Mamava pod there.

4.) Hit nominate - and that's it! 

If your location has already been nominated...

New locations will pop up every day!

In two weeks, Seventh Generation and Mamava will put up four locations to choose from, and two will get pods!

So, nominate a location (and tell your friends!)

It's time to make pumping at the stall, a thing of the past!

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