Rhodes© Quick, Easy, & Delicious Party!

As a member of Tryazon, I've been selected to host some pretty amazing parties this month. Just starting out, I must admit, I was a bit wary and unsure whether or not this was something I wanted to dive into.....

Playing hostess? 
A bunch of people in my home? 
Having all my friends and neighbors try things that they might end up hating, 
leaving me with nothing to offer as a form of replacement food or, entertainment??? 
Going around, snapping photos of everyone at their most awkward, 
being THATperson everyone dreads?

Yeah, sounds like a bit of a nightmare, doesn't it? 

But dive I did! And I couldn't be more pleased with my decision!!!!

Okay, HOLD UP! What IS Tryazon?

Tryazon [pronounced Try-uh-zon] is a service which helps bring innovative brands and their products into your home to experience first-hand. 

By teaming up with brands like, Rhodes Bake-N-Serv, Norpro, Dearfoams, and Brownie Brittle, Tryazon offers exclusive Featured Parties which you can apply to host. Each host is then screened and, if approved, provided with a "party pack" inside of which hosts will find samples, exclusive offers, and other freebies for you and your guests to enjoy!

My First Epic Tryazon Party Experience...

So, I selected a Featured Party, submitted my application and was positively overjoyed when I received notification that I had been selected to host my very first Tryazon party: 

I L-O-V-E sweets and nothing pleases the palette more than a nice, freshly-baked, gooey, delicious cinnamon roll. But oh! THE TIME! I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they didn't take so long to make!

From scratch? HA! Forget it!!

Well, Rhodes© offers a quick and easy remedy to all our cinna-roll problems and boy! is it ever a delicious solution! Allow me to introduce .....

This was such a fun and creative party and I am so glad I was selected to host!

Usually, Tryazon Home Parties are hosted on specific dates. For example, here is a snapshot of Tryazon's current Featured Parties .....

On the Tryazon Featured Parties page, you can easily view parties that are currently open for application and their corresponding hosting dates! Looks like there are a ton of amazing party options coming up!

They also have a great Timeline set up on each party page so that you know exactly when applications are due, when you should expect to hear back regarding host selection, and a terrific guideline to help make sure you keep on track before the big day!

Here's an example of a Tryazon Home Party Timeline from my Rhodes© Quick, Easy, & Delicious Party!

For example, the Rhodes© Quick, Easy, & Delicious Party! was the weekend of October 9th-10th.

Ready for a sneak peek at a few of my FABULOUS party pics??? 

Of course you are!

Here is a view of my table set-up in the kitchen area.
I had my laptop on the kitchen island because the party guide had requested I keep it out and open so that my guests could browse the Rhodes© webpage, view their available products, and familiarize themselves with the featured product we would be working with at my hosted event....Bake-N-Serv™ Microwave Cinnamon Rolls!

Close-up of the products we would be working with...yummy!
My laptop also had an additional browser window open so my guests could view the following clip Tryazon provided on Bake-N-Serv™ Microwave Cinnamon Rolls! 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, after searching through the Rhodes© Recipe Database and unable to come to a decision, we finally decided to get creative and make up our own. 
We had a blast coming up with our own individual recipes and sharing our ideas with each other and it hardly took us any time at all to make and prepare our creations.

These Florida Themed Tropical Cinnamon Rolls were my dessert.

Oh, did I mention that they were both gorgeous AND delicious?

I'll definitely be buying these again and, after having so much fun with our little bake-off, I'm looking forward to hosting more events like this in the future! 

An all-around "A+" Tryazon experience!

So, if you aren't a member by now...well...

*Disclosure: As a member of Tryazon, I was given the opportunity to experience and review Rhodes® products and host a home party in order to share this amazing experience with others. To facilitate this review, I was given FREE product vouchers, to be used towards my purchase of the Rhodes® products featured. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own.