Awesome Surprise Gifts From Vocalpoint

I live in the amazing, sunny state of Florida so, sunscreen is a must. 
Especially, if you plan on being outdoors often. 

And, as a lover of both the beach and the sun.....
I am rarely NOT outdoors so, it is always nice to have plenty of it handy. ^.~

The other day, I received a wonderful surprise gift from Vocalpoint and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! Inside, the box contained EXACTLY what I needed more of...


Just to share a little of my thoughts on Vocalpoint. While I wouldn't categorize it as a simple "word-of-mouth" or, product testing site (like, BzzAgent), the site does offer occasional testing opportunities. The best attribute, however, is that it allows members to connect and share ideas, tips and advice with one another and is one of the few sites where you are able to interact with and feel part of a "social network community," rather than just spending a majority of your online time pushing products, getting reviews in, and generally being hassled along the way.
I rate it as one of my personal favorites to work with.
So, check it out!!

Later on, I will definitely write up and post a full detailed review on both the Vocalpoint site and the lovely gifts they've given me, but am a bit behind on getting this blog up and running due to my ChowChow, Gizmo, falling seriously ill. As a result, most of my time will be devoted to making sure he is comfortable, caring for him and, of course, worrying about him constantly.

However, I promise to try to get as much as possible finished and, hopefully, will have all the kinks worked out and my blog running properly by the end of next week! HOORAY!

I know it's taking a long time and I appreciate all your patience.